Sabtu, 23 Januari 2010

Faith On Fire Chords

-------- D
There's an ember
-------- G
Deep within me
------ D
But it's only
A little flame
------ D
But my faith keeps
------- G
Growing stronger
And it won't be long
'Til it starts a blaze

------A -----D
Set my faith on fire
That's my one desire
Make my life
--D----------Asus A
A pure and holy flame
So the world can see
That there's a fire in me
Burning by the power
------Asus A
Of your name
Start a blaze
----------Asus A
And set my faith
Faith on fire

The do the first set again for the second verse, then chorus.

We've got a message
We must share it with the world
Igniting every man and woman
Boy and girl

Then do the chorus 2 times.

Na na, na na na na na
Na na, na na na na na

Repeat that 4x.® 2010 Kenichi Inoru

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